Could AI help to determine the best price for the models?

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What if cgtrader will invest in creating and training AI algorithm that would analyze all the models in database and try to predict most optimal price for each of them? The price that would guarantee the most revenue for a seller and would lead to a healthier market in the long run. That predicted price then should be shown to the seller as a recomendation. Of course it would be very naive to asume that every seller would adhere to recomendations, especially those that are chronic undercutters, therefore i think that CGT should softly push the sellers to stick to recomendations as closely as possible. The ones that keeps optimum prices should be rewarded and those that drifts far from recomendations should be penalized. Reward could be an increase in rank of the models and penalty would be decrease in the rank. So the ones that thinks they are smarter then others and would keep selling their models for $5 - $10, would find that their models would sink deep in the search results, away from buyers eyes.

I understand that such initiative would require massive effort, but potential benefits could be huge. What do you think?


Posted about 1 year ago

Hmmm you know I think 3D modeling is kind of an art, you can't let an AI determine the value of a model.
Furthermore on many models, there can be a very good presentation but the model is bad, and inversely...

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