​Comments item restriction solution!!

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Comments item restriction solution!!

Today somebody wrote something bad to discredit a product in
my account and of course was a spammer who wants to harm here.

How can we protect ourselves from attack??

I've reported but its Christmas and the people are probably

In my opinion should be a restriction to comments products,
some people can create users in two minutes just to harm here.

I think only the buyers have the right to comments and
artists from higher levels (up,, Polygon Expert,, for example).

Please find a solution for this.



Posted over 5 years ago

I agree on limiting commenting rights, but to be honest, I doubt if any potential buyer actually care about the comments, especially if the comments are obviously nonsense.

Posted over 5 years ago

Hi ArtStudio,

Could you send me the links of the models that received spammy messages? It would be helpful for coming with a solution.


Eduardas, CGTrader

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