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Hey guys,

We've looked into the problem of the spam-commenting. Some of the comments are really just to boost the reputation points as quick as possible. We're putting a limit on a commenting section - no more than 10 comments per day. It will be similar to the model liking limit (max. 20 likes), so that the option wouldn't be abused or misused too much.

If anyone have some clearly-spammy comments on their models that they want to remove, you can always send me a PM message or ask support team to remove these comments and we will take care of that.

Best Regards,

Eduardas, CGTrader


Posted over 5 years ago

Good to know. Thanks for taking care of this kind of issues.

Posted over 5 years ago

It needed a fix, so thank you for your efforts.

Posted over 5 years ago

Progress is good. How about banning the thief - - now? He was selling on TurboSquid as well, but they took care of him already, while CGT did not even bother to delete all of the reported stolen models. Making the site a model thief haven will definitely not help in the long run.

eduardas wrote
I'm reporting it to the support right away!

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