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Would it be possible to collect more customer data ?

With the previous payment system we where able to collect names and E-mail addresses of the customer, this was usually enough to find them on the net and check out profiles or visit their websites to get better understanding of their activity's.

CGtrader would also benefit because we would be able to connect better with customers via social media and so on.

More connections, stronger network, better ranking.


Posted over 5 years ago

I second this. This would be very useful.

Posted over 5 years ago

How would CGT benefit from it? This is imo right opposite because if you connect directly with client then you don't need CGT anymore. It serves different role here and other shops work the same. They don't give you any personal info about the customers and honestly, I don't need such thing because I don't need to connect with them directly, but that's only my personal view. If you use a place like CGT to sell then it's natural that the transactions are anonymous because when you connect the seller and buyer, you don't need anything inbetween anymore. So it would be not very wise from CGT to do such things because it would lose its profits easily.

Pumper wrote
Nope. Other shops not only hide all of the customer information, but have banned any contact information altogether. Over here a customer can contact us via messaging system, we can advertise our websites with all of out contact info., we can add contact info. in product descriptions, etc. + CGTrader pays high royalty rates, so it's not even worth the risks of dealing with people outside of the platform.
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Richard I don't fully understand your point, CGt delivers an amazing sales platform that is dirt cheap. No hosting costs and great means to display work and sell within a nice format on a platform that has good reputation, delivering expert marketing division and tools, providing great means to make your assets rank high and so on (large amounts of good stuff for almost noting).

I see no reason why anyone would need to bypass this?
You can have and sell on your own website but you will never have the amount of traffic CGt gets, on top you need to pay for extra hosting space and you will have greater security risks.

Besides, people who do want to bypass can do so very easily already.

Like Pumper kind of points out, noting here stops you from leading traffic directly to whatever selling point you have setup. These day's you can sell things directly on facebook, a blog, personal
website, or whatever.

However, I think it's better to invest in community and gathering forces.
We want to have al mutual beneficial parties gathered as close as possible don't we?

So if we would make use of the contact info to add them to LinkedIn or facebook pages containing a link back to the personal CGt page, then that would make the network more tightly (that's how CGt would benefit and eventually we all).

ps. one of the reason (I can think of) for having a own website is when you want to create a nice label and attach specific content (including selections of others ),and deliver your own specific presentation and browsing experience and so on.

That's also the reason I would like to host a own website, but the added cost and maintenance + security issues (also don't forget the challenge of generating the traffic) tilt advantage to CGt.

For this reason I posted a site proposal (a while ago) for a system that would make it possible to have more tools/options to customize the personal page, things like options to ad own menu and label + ability's to add work of others to the own collection (this adding would need to work like invitations maybe?)

If not, then maybe a sort of embedding tool so that the products can be embedded on a personal website (not just a link but a seamless tool pulling in the presentation content and shopping cart).

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