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This is a great site


I think cgtrader is lacking traffic due to its front landing page ... try to make it more expressive

and one more thing i found that cgtrader doesn't have 3d jobs like there on .. huge traffic is going there and turbosquid.

Cgtrader admins kindly work more :) and give your best ... make your website more visible .. you can do this


Posted over 3 years ago

Anyone wants to give more suggestions ???

Posted over 3 years ago

Lacking traffic, how do you come to that conclusion?

According to SimilarWeb CGt had 2.6 million visits from January to February,
Ts had 3.4 million visits from January to February.

Note that CGt traffic is climbing dramatically (around 700k over 5 months)
Where that of Ts has lowered a bit with (around 100k over last two months)

Also traffic is not that important, paying customers are more important.
I sell around 70% more here on CGt so Ts having more traffic has no value in my particular case.

I believe people still use Ts to find models but before they buy them there they check the web to make sure the same model is not available somewhere ells at lower price. That to me explains more customers here are actually the ones hoe buy.

After all, one just needs to drag and drop a presentation image in Google images to see where the same product exist somewhere ells immediately.

The fact that CGt has way better royalty rates makes it possible to bring better offer here and allot of people already know that and know how to use images as a link.

Maybe in your case experiencing low traffic may have allot to do with the fact that having few models in highly competitive branch makes it very hard to get views (there are actually lots of great free models of similar things in your case).

Examples (

Same for the car tyre, there are over 150 free rims and tyres here like this (

That is some very aggressive competition, you probably still can sell to some hoe specifically need yours but those would probably be rare cases?
Probably best strategy would be to make things that are not there jet and would be in demand.

That would be my suggestion ;-)

Ps. the job listings here have advantage that this community contains lots of 3D graphic designers where also have lots of PHP programmers and other web developers, it is not geared towards 3D production specifically where CGt does.

Golden3d wrote
Thanks for your comment ... i know i have to work hard :D .. you really have very nice models

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