CGTrader updates: 2017/03/01

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Hi everyone,

Hope you're all happy about Spring finally being here! I'm also here, to bring a few updates and a sneak peak to our plans for next month.


  • Seller Analytics

As a lot of you probably have seen them already, we've published our Analytics Feature - available to every designer who joined the Pro Seller Club (yes, that little pop-up you've received). Keep in mind that the minimum requirement to be eligible to become a member of this club is having 20 published models on our site.

The Analytics feature consists of 3D Model market trends, the analysis of different category demand and supply, model pricing as well as analysis of designer's own models and statistical data about one's assets. You can find the Terms and conditions of this agreement here - if you have further questions, go ahead and give me a note.

  • File format conversion request improvements

Few of you may have already noticed that our 3D team has been handling file format conversion requests for our customers. Latest improvement of this feature includes "Available formats" - that are displayed in model page (example picture below). Customers can also require format conversion in their own "My purchases" pages when going to download the models they've bought.

Plans for March

  • VAT addition to model price

VAT payment will no longer be counted from designer's payouts and will be added to model price for customers based in EU. Our development team is already in progress of this task and it should be introduced in the oh-so-near future. More of it will follow once the works with it will be finished.

  • Seller Analytics upgrades

After introducing the first phase of our analytics, plans are already underway to increase the data provided, also improving the comfort and convenience of using these analytics to find more data for everyone's needs.

Previous updates can be found here - and I'll be keeping you up to date on upcoming updates and features - here's to the good start to the Spring!

Best regards,
Eddie, CGTrader


Posted over 3 years ago

Spotted the analytics feature this afternoon, very good addition. Gave me a lot of insight into my existing models and how to market them better. Great work CGT!

Posted over 3 years ago

Never seen any popup or the pro seller club. Is there any button somewhere?

eduardas wrote
Hi there, Try cleaning your cookies and then visiting CGTrader page again? The pop-up should show up then.
Posted over 3 years ago

- VAT addition to model price
Great! Thank you :)

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