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Dear CGT team,

Allow me to ask you something regard to selling model here that seems to be important (at least for me).

Is there a clear marketing campaign on this site?

1. I keep seeing promotion campaign so many times per month, that I wonder why buyers would even care about them; it happen so often, they just have to wait for the next one, which will happen the next few days after the previous one ended.

2. There has been "Black Friday" promotion (which is normal), then "Black Friday post sale" promotion (which is strange to me), which was supposed to end yesterday but the countdown "sales end in" has been reset 2 times in 2 days, which make it still going on at the moment...

This marketing concept is way off my understanding, and if I knew, I would never agreed to the terms; this only make me think to put a higher price on my model, to fill the gap between this nonsense, which in the end is bad for everyone.

So clear question, what is the benefit to put a fare regular price, if "promotion campaign" seems to be taking over regular price most of the time?


Posted about 2 months ago


Please note that participation in sales is not obligatory. If you would not like to be a part of it and if you do not find our marketing campaigns effective or meeting your expectations, please feel free to opt out or make changes in your settings to limit your participation.

While we understand that recently there were multiple sales in a row due to the timing of events, we have received very positive reactions and feedback from our designers and customers. However, we can’t expect that such campaigns and marketing decisions will receive a positive reactions from 100% of our users and for this reason, we always leave an option for people to opt out.

If you will have more questions about this or would like to discuss this further, please reach out to our customer support via

Austeja from CGTrader

Posted about 2 months ago

I kind of doubt that you will receive an answer from CGT..
What you can do however is to turn off "I want to participate in sale offs " here:
and forget about all that nonsense.
Participating will only decrease you profit. You will still get the sales from customers that need your models.
Your prices are low enough anyway.

trimitek wrote
ah.. should have refreshed the page.. I'm adding my negative reaction to decrease that 100% too :D
Posted about 2 months ago

Thanks Trimitek, I think I will have to do so... Too much promotion, kill the promotion!

Posted about 2 months ago

Also speaking of sale offs. Did anyone have statistics or something about how sales campaigns affects on sales rate? My sales rate is too small to make good statistics. But I feel like sale offs (even black friday) not really affecting sales rate. Last month I get 10 sales with all this black fridays while this month already 5. So I think about disabling it.

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