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1. Landing on "" by default instead of dashboard (for logged users) -- is CRAP and 100 steps backward.

2. for MANY MONTHS annoying, epileptic and useless "improvement" "Abcduser is typing... ... ... " still here.

3. Sharing links for LinkedIn is working???

4. Lags and glitches.


Bring back old good CGT!


Posted 6 months ago

It would be great to make possible to exclude stl from search results too

Posted 6 months ago

Hi again,

We understand your frustration and we are very sorry about that.

Please be advised that the product team has a great backlog of issues/updates to work on. All of them are being worked on step by step and prioritized based on the affect that it makes to our users.

Some fixes are planned in the upcoming weeks, some should take effect early next year.

Greta CGT

Posted 6 months ago

Also ...
In "Similar Models" section (down on the product pages) ... when you click on thumbnails it will open a new page based on the product URL and not its Tags! instead of opening the related product. (Some times result will be empty ) .

Posted 6 months ago

I totally agree that the site is slowly collapsing! The current version is very buggy and confusing .

Posted 6 months ago

Hi there,

Thank you for the honest feedback.

I have passed this to our product team to review.

Greta CGT

LemonadeCG wrote
I wonder if that mythical product team do exists at all? Every time someone reports new issue, the support is passing the report to the product team and that's where things stop. I can't remember that something had been fixed on cgtrader. New bugs do appear almost everyday on cgtrader and they stay broken indefinitely. Please start maintaining the site properly, before it will break completely.
gretasj wrote
Hey LemonadeCG, it's true. Our product team is fairly fresh but it exists! Sometimes performance improvements being implemented cause temporary issues. There are also some fairly large updates planned for the next year. Please bear with us a little longer!
skapricorn wrote
"FRESH" is the keyword.

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