BLOG: hello? Are you reading it? :)

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Hello everyone, 

Hope all's well and you're in very high spirits wherever you are :)

I have a few questions for you regarding the blog.. 

* Are you reading it?

* What topics do you enjoy (or not so much)?

* What's missing?

Please give me some feedback / ideas / requests. Obviously, it's a drop in the ocean, but we'd love to see you getting inspiration from the posts we publish, so do let me know what you think, because I'm starting to wonder if anyone's reading it at all! :)



Posted almost 6 years ago

I check the blog from time to time, however don't feel the need to comment on things there (feel more to comment in the forum).

Would it be possible to somehow ad al comments on CGt to a specific user bin?
For example, if one would make comments on different places on CGt he could accesses them with one click and get an overview of all his comments posted ever and everywhere on CGt in his user bin (Also in profile settings one then can decide if he wants other users to get accesses to this bin or not).

For example some while ago I made a comment to someone and wanted to point to a previous post, but I couldn't simply find it anymore in the supper large forum pile (so filter by user would be something nice).

Maybe this is already possible but I just don't know how?

Also a while ago some people asked about the payment system and I couldn't find the information myself anymore (so where is that infograpich about the teers and the strait forward information about how it works?). It's not in the Faq section and if it is, then it's way to hard to find (should be on the front-page because its a strong selling point).

How to access followers also seems to be lost?

About the topics in the blog;
I would like to see more information on software developments and advances.
So news about what's going on in 3D software and hardware would be nice.

I think user blog's would be the way to move forward, and it would also be good for CGt because you could move successful user blog entry's to the main CGt blog.

Posted almost 6 years ago

I agree iterateCGI in that I prefer to comment and read the forum but I also didn't even notice there was a blog... If anything maybe the two should be integrated somehow because if any vital info is being written on the blog I think many people aren't even aware of it.

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