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I wanted to know, if is possible, which products are the most sought and most sold on this site.

Thank you very much! :)


Posted over 7 years ago

Even i would like to know which is most selled model on site

ivan-crivicich wrote
Yes, I think that want to know it everybody! :)
Posted over 7 years ago

Aircraft, cars, people, were at the top last time I checked the site stats.

Posted over 7 years ago

Cars seem to be what have sold frequently. I used this site before to by a camaro ss for a website, in which I payed 109 dollars for. I can see the worth in it. Time is money. Cars are a big thing that people need. Small things like logo's seem to sell as well.

k420 wrote
I completely agree with DonniecBlender
DeangeloCGBlender wrote
I also must add that if you are looking into making cars for sale, I would make them very detailed. That is always what people look for.
Posted over 7 years ago

The category would be enough for me.;)

Posted almost 7 years ago

It will be nice if we have best sellers category for every month. You put about 20 best selling models last month.
This will be very helpful information.

Posted 4 months ago

Every model at least will find its Buyer... But when?

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