Alternative to Marmoset Viewer for 3D preview?

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there is any future plan for an alternative to Marmoset.

As far as I know this is currently the only way to add a 3D preview to a model (but I may be missing something).

I understand Marmoset is a high quality tool, worth every penny, but I simply can't use it. Even if I was willing to pay for the licence, my operating system is not supported. And again, the software is not cheap, especially if someone is just starting to sell on Cgtrader.

There was once the possibility of linking from SF, but I know that's not possible any more, because SF has become a competitor.

If would be great to have an alternative, a glTF viewer or the possibility to link some kind of "pre-approved" partner site (like once was SF).




Posted 4 months ago

Hmm. I wasn't aware Sketchfabb was no longer supported here. I hadn't noticed because it's been a while since I used SF.

Posted 4 months ago

Yep. Only Marmoset right now.
There are free services around other than Sketchfab, and they offer the ability to share, without being marketplaces themselves. One that comes to my mind is the online viewer from Autodesk for example, and I would think that it's quite safe. It supports a lot of 3D formats.
There are some others as well.
I could already use it if it was possible to add a sharing link in the description of my models.

Posted 4 months ago

My main issue with marmoset is safety. Unfortunately it's relatively easy to rip an object from marmoset viewer and that's why i don't use it anywhere in public for my commercial models. Sketchfab is much more secure, but there's very little chance that cgtrader will ever bring back support for it.

I wouldn't risk my models by uploading them to some obscure viewer, like that thing from autodesk, because it's unlikely that they would be any more secure than marmoset.

tizeta wrote
Isn't Autodesk quite a reliable company? I wouldn't think that their viewer is more unsafe than others, but I might be wrong. On the plus side it's a free service, so it's accessible to anyone just by registration.
luxxeon wrote
There's a website I found one time that was distributing software to rip models from Sketchfab. I won't link it here for obvious reasons, but it was quite disturbing to see and is one reason I stopped uploading models there. However, Sketchfabb was aware of the problem and supposedly took measures to protect against it. There was an announcement on their website a while back about it, but I haven't seen anything since.
Posted 4 months ago

I understand, but if none of the 3D viewers is really safe, why is Marmoset used on CGTrader? Right now it is "Paid, non-multiplatform unsafe viewer" vs. "no viewer at all".
I don't even really mind using the 3D preview, but I would just like to be able to, if I feel like it's worth taking the risk.

Posted 4 months ago

Whenever something is presented in real time that can be ripped if you know what you are doing. There is a forum dedicated only to research of game models format. Every single tool for ripping game models are made by forum members, also that tool that luxeon mentioned originated from that forum. As far as "I understand, but if none of the 3D viewers is really safe, why is Marmoset used on CGTrader?" Cgt don't see problem in anything, is up to you will you take the risk as well as is up to you will you buy "printable" 3d model stolen from game. I will be happy if cgt implement that prerendered 360 presentation.

Posted 4 months ago

The pre-rendered 360 presentation would be a good compromise, agree.

Posted 4 months ago

While pre-rendered 360 images are completely safe, they has some serious issue too - they are slow to load, they doesn't reveal more details about the model than sufficiently covered regular images do and last, but not least, they are pain in the ass to render. It's better than nothing, but i prefer nothing, than unsafe viewer, or gimmicky 360 feature.

Mantas-Talmantas wrote
Iam not quite sure 360 renders are totally safe. Depending on resolution, number of images and textures of model one could use photogrammetry to reconstruct the model. But not at the original quality, and only with color texture. And thats a lot of work. So its almost safe i would say.
Posted 3 months ago

CGT devs, please bring sketchfab viewer as an option. work something out with them so we are able to display our models there because a lot of people use it and want to see models displayed as such.

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