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I am speak spanish, but I dont have any problems to understand english at all, but some people do not understand english, and I see a problem for example "browse projects", some people dont understand this section is for "hire" designers in order to make a job, and is not for put "MY FIRST MODEL", "HERE IS MY CV" etc..

so I think is good idea to add options to switch languages.


Posted 28 days ago

I think in order to support another language, cgtrader would have to have a personin the team, capable to speak in that language. I mean, if they translate the site in spanish, they inevitebly will start receiving support requests in spanish, don't you think? And since cgtrader is encouraging communication between sellers and buyers, it's much easier to stick to one officially supported language. As a seller, i certainly wouldn't want to start receiving support requests and price offers in language that i don't understand.

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