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Do you want a model but you don't know the difference between a bevel and a boolean? Do you have an awesome idea for a model but you can't get your modelling program to follow your vision?

Let the combined talents of Vanishing Point and mrsparky make the model for you! With a combined industry experience of almost 25 years, we're sure we can make whatever you're looking for.

We can do it all, from creating a model from scratch, to uv mapping it, to rigging it, to adding texture, bump, and displacement maps. We'll even give you the obj/ mtl file so you can import the model into other software programs.

And best of all, you own all the rights! When you commission us to make a model for you, it's yours to keep. Put it in a video game, give it away for free, or sell it here in the store.
As a comparison, when you buy a model from any online store, you're only buying a license to use the model in an image or animation. You would need extra permission to include it in a video game and you would definitely not be allowed to resell it or give it away.

Contact us for a free time and price estimate. Our estimate will include everything that needs to be done and we promise not to charge you more than our estimated price. We guarantee to give you an estimate within 24-48 hours of receiving your model specifications.

For more information, please see the following pages for more specific examples of the models we've built over the years:
Military Models
Interior Sets
Humans and Creatures

Send me a sitemail message or an e-mail at: John Hoagland so we can talk about your model needs.

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