Black list for the bad squalid buyers

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There are buyers that undermine the spirit of trust and cooperation on the site. We will know their names.

Why do we - sellers - have no opportunity to put our rating on the buyer (like on Aliexpress)?

Let's make a board of shame for buyers who, despite all our efforts to please them, they’re doing a dirty trick, lowering our rating not essentially, but because they are not able to clearly formulate their requirements and wishes, which causes misunderstanding.

My candidate -

1. SAMBORA (Canada)

The buyer SAMBORA asked me to make a simple resale of the bought ring from 16mm to 16.1mm, which provoked my restrained but honest review on my part about the level of his professional training. Only later did he clarify that it was necessary that the tire was a little wider. Although I am not obliged, but I did everything that the buyer requested. He turned out to be a vengeful and ungrateful person and repaid a negative rating for after-sales support on my part ..

Somewhere on the forum there is a black list of intolerable buyers, tomorrow I’ll look and write you in there so that other sellers will bypass you on the tenth road and do not think of helping. This will be my rating to you

Ssambora2020-01-16 23:22

Go head. I have 5 or 6 accounts here, so good luck. Watch you language and don't tell people what to do in the lifes.

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