Worth selling models with UDIM textures?

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Is UDIM textures widely supported by apps and engines, enough to justify selling models using it? I've never used it, but it seems very interesting.


Posted 11 months ago

UDIM is supported in many different software packages now, and is most useful for game engines and game assets. Is it worth creating models using it? Well, that depends. In my opinion, the most important thing you should do with your models these days is to keep them PBR compatible with PBR texture maps. It seems like it would be much easier to convert standard UV Unwrapped PBR texture maps to a UDIM workflow than the other way around. So, personally, I would just create low poly assets with logical, clean UVW or UV Unwrapped islands with PBR texture maps, and allow the end-user could convert those over to UDIM if they need to.

There are free UDIM Converters out there I've seen which will rename texture files from _uU_vV to UDIM and vice versa, and there are scripts for many popular software packages which will convert UV textures over to UDIM tiles automatically. I don't know if there are many ways to do the reverse though.

Posted 11 months ago

I'm sorry, guys. I mentioned that UDIM is more common in game engines and game assets. This is NOT true. My mistake. I just reviewed some information on UDIM, and apparently it is far more commonly used in VFX pipelines which require multiple texture sizes for close-up shots vs. distance shots on the same model. However, it is being adopted more in game engines today as well for the same reasons (especially now with the advent of extremely fast RT-supported GPU AAA games). However, my previous opinion still stands. I think it easier for the end-user to decide if they want UDIM than to provide it in all your assets. However, if you find yourself creating models for VFX where you are generating texture maps for some parts that exceed 8k, then it may be useful to incorporate UDIM instead.

There may come a day where UDIM is the standard for all asset creation, but for right now I don't think it's necessary for every asset. Depends on what market you're designing for, and is it specific enough to warrant UDIM workflow for those assets?

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