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Hello, guys! Sorry if I post this question in the wrong board, but anyway...

Is Wildcat test assignment (real-time PBR) changed with time? Or do deadlines get updated?

When I first saw "Freelance work with CGTrader" page I clicked on "Get started" link and (of course :) ) firstly I pressed "view" the task. And only after that I saw that by clicking "view" I start working on the task. But I was just curious, I didn't mean working on it at the time. And now I see status "assigned" and I've already missed the deadline not even have started working on it.


Posted 4 days ago

Yea there was no warning before the task starts, we should be able to reset and start over, probably with different model.

Posted 4 days ago

I did the same and contacted cgtrader. She said you can submit the test work after the deadline has passed.

timoshch wrote
Well, that's good)

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