Why does it take so long for my models to get Low poly approved?

Discussion started by VagabondGamesStudio

I've got models which aren't approved low poly which were uploaded last year, yet if I search for low poly models I can see other users models which were uploaded a few days ago are already approved.

What do I need to do to get my models approved quicker?

This effects the placement of my models in search when the user has the low poly filter selected.


Posted 3 months ago

AFAIK models are not approved manually. You were most likely a victim to one of those random bugs.
Try reuploading or contact support.

trimitek wrote
Sorry, I meant republishing, not reuploading (edit, then publish)
Posted 3 months ago

Hi there,

Please contact us via support@cgtrader.com and we will provide you more information about the situation.

Austėja from CGTrader

VagabondGamesStudio wrote
I have contacted support. Very helpful and efficient. All sorted now. Thank you.
Posted 3 months ago

This aprovement is based on random. Every time you loose in this roulette you need to contact support. They usually solve this pretty quick but I don't understend what is the point in all these manipulations.

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