Where can I see ratings ?

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Hi guys !

I'm actually wondering : where can you see your own model's ratings from the community ratings ? I mean, you receive a notification when someone rates your model or you have to go somewhere to see ?

And I have another question : in the community rating system, I rated around 350 models and I have 14 models uploaded, but I'm still not ranked, why ?

Thanks in advance ! :D


Posted over 2 years ago

AFAIK community ratings got lost its purpose, other than easy way to pump your own reputation. You can't see how community has rated your models, it's hidden from designers.

Regarding your score as a rater, i believe it still accumulates correctly, but as many things in cgtrader, its visual representation is stucked for a very long time now.

acera17 wrote
So you think that it's system is dead ? :/ and that's so bad that we cant see our model's rating... But thanks for the answer ! ;)
Posted over 2 years ago

@acera17, i wouldn't say it's dead, it just pretty much meaningless. Analytics doesn't take community ratings into account, search result most likely doesn't take it too. I can't think what purpose it can serve.

Years ago, i asked CGT team if they will make ratings visible to model owners, they said they will think about that. Well, they probably still thinking, or maybe not... :]

acera17 wrote
Jajaja xD Thanks for your answer :)
Posted 11 months ago

I just stumbled on this Community Rating thingy.

Is it discontinued?

Because after I click [Start Rating] I get "Job well done! You have reached your daily goal and cannot rate more models. Come back tomorrow!" although I never used it.

LemonadeCG wrote
It's either has been discontinued or broke appart. Either way, i think it will stay that way for a long time now, because there's no one who could fix things in cgtrader. All the manpower has been redirected to the side project and its main business has been left in disrepair.
trimitek wrote
Oh, I didn't know that :/ You probably mean Arsenal and Wildcat projects, right?
Posted 11 months ago

By the way, support told me they are aware of this issue and will fix it ASAP.

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