What s wrong with the Wildcat system

Discussion started by redmoon

I know this system is still in beta mode, but it's frustrating me! Let me explain the situation, it's been months since I passed the test successfully, but after there, nothing! no offer!

And now, that there are offers, the system have a problem, I finished a model, I sent them to be reviewed, but there is no answer!! it's stuck in QA !!!

There are other offers but I can't pick other mission because it's stuck in QA mode! it's frustrating !


Posted 4 months ago

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.

The Wildcat QA team is extremely busy at the moment, please be patient, your task will be reviewed as soon as they have a chance.

Thank you for understanding and please let me know if you require further assistance.

All the best,
Agota from CGTrader

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