What Makes Max better then the rest??

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Anyone who has seen my profile knows that i mainly use two formats when publishing them (MB and FBX + OBJ in some cases).

Recently i decided to add OBJ to every product from here on out since a lot of people use and recommend it, however while i was researching the formats that are commonly used by the CG trader community i discovered that a lot of user use 3ds Max (like a tons of them, a lot more than i thought)

I personally use the 3Ds Max software and i can create and rig with it,but is it worth all the extra time it takes?

Should i add Max to my list of formats?

What are the pro's and con's of using Max?

Is Max better than the rest and if so what makes it standout?

Keep in mind that currently i only have 1 model that i have published with Max as a available format(+ the usual ones)

This one: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character-peopl...

(The rest don't have Max)


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What I do mainly is thinking on " who can use my models?" , " from which industry" (Architecture / Medical / 3dprint / entertainment )?

In Architecture they using much more 3dstudio Max and Rhino then other software...
so it depends ... from different factors, all 3d software package doing great stuff ... and in different country maybe same industry use different softwares... for example in Italy the Maya community is a minority ... Cinema 4d and Max are the most used ... but I still prefers using Maya for his flexibility... If thinking in a commercial way , so if you want advice for selling in a better way I suggest you to convert your file in most popular formats (FBX, OBJ, 3ds, DAE , STL) ... more formats you use more people you attract ...
That's my point of view

asanna wrote
So what I mean is that there isn't a software better then another ... but there is a software much flexible in some specific industry ... If an Industry start to use as a standard some 3d software package ... if your audience come from this industry you MUST to use their standard ... hope that helps...
zaapizoop wrote
ooh,this is an eye opener.I never thought of it this way,a thousands thanks my friend.
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Well for me personally the pricetag is a drawback. That's why I use Blender. I also think because I'm creating low poly game assets, fbx is a good way to go as long as I don't want to include animations. Usually fbx imports quite well in Max, though I'm not sure about the more complicated rigs. In any case, I don't have a 3DSMax license, so no *.max for me unfortunately.

But I agree that you should decide what formats you provide based on your target industry.

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