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Hello. On youtube I saw this video. I would like to know which, or which programs were used to create this video. If someone prompts in advance is grateful.



Posted 5 months ago

i am not sure what exact program this was made in, but there are multiple programs out there that you could use to make this.
a free option would be blender, but there are also a few paid software that you could use.
but for something as simple as this you won't need anything to complex

tiagach wrote
Thanks you a lot for the answer.
Posted 5 months ago

i think, ( modeling and Rendering ) 3Ds Max , Editing ( adobe premiere )

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Thank's friend.
Posted 5 months ago

The company is Aluprof Aluminum Systems, based in Europe. They seem to be a very large international company, so I'm willing to bet their design teams use several different software solutions in their pipelines, depending on the tasks.

However, based on the industry that they are in and the location of their main headquarters and distribution networks, I'm willing to bet that they use the Bentley System products in their CAD pipeline. It's almost a given, considering the specialty of their industry is very heavily using Bentley modeling and visualization software in that area of the world.

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