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The speed of the cgtrader website has become very slow. do you agree with that? There have also been a lot of theft models


Posted 4 months ago

I think there are a lot of fake models uploaded.without paying attention to the quality of the 3d models. is filled with a lot of garbage. It is a burden to those who work honestly

Posted 4 months ago

Maybe we can help the site by identifying and reporting these people.

skapricorn wrote
You think? :) (irony)... More seriously: I wasted TONS of time for digging and comparing preview pictures and available data to detect pirates. Instead of creative work, instead of developing my own account and skills... And not only me, lots of CGT users tried to fight with piratery windmills. But CGT reacts pretty "inert" and things are going in very dark way. I think it's CGT's strategy: to don't fight (and don't try to find) illegal stuff, before somebody (usually already harmed by pirates and fraudsters) not reported it (and shows evidences)... Pretty lazy strategy. But I understand CGT. Why they need to doing something, when profits from the current situation may be big enough for site owners.
Posted 4 months ago

Yes, it´s increasingly slow, and sometimes when logging the 3d projects browser isn´t available, anyone having this issues?

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