Ways to Make the Best Drawing

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Ways to Make the Best Drawing with Art drawing monitor

It’s much healthier for you to have all the stuff at an angle. I’m using an ergonomic holder for both tablet and keyboard (which is at a slightly lower angle). It makes all the digital painting WAY more comfortable.First thing you should do is position the digital drawing tablet the way that is most comfortable for you. What works best for me is this arrangement:

Next is step is just using the tablet. When I first got mine, I used it instead of mouse for pretty much everything and did some drawing practices. Like drawing straight parallels, trying to intersect a dot, simple stuff like that.

And after a day or two, VOILA!

I could no longer tell the difference between traditional and digital work.

Pro tip: What you should also definitely do to speed up your work drastically is setting up your hotkeys and using them like it’s a big deal. I mainly use the ones for brush size, eraser, colour picker, undo and a colour switch (in Photoshop).


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