Was the refund justefied?

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Hey guys.

I sold a model for 3d printing a few days ago. It is advertised as print ready with two files included, one hallow with added supports for resin printing and another as a solid object. The seller complained to me that the hallow model cracked due to it being hallow. He asked me to send him a solid one, which was already included when he purchased the model. In any case, I proceeded to send him two new files, one solid with added supports and another hollow with much thicker walls than before. After sending me a complaint, I did all that in the next few hours. He hasn't replied to me or was online for a few days.

Today site issued him a refund with the explanation that "Model have issue after printing. No regular holes for hollow printing.". This is not true since all my models have drainage holes.

It seems to me he got refund based on false claim.


Posted 3 months ago

Based on your account of the situation, I agree. I think this sends the wrong message out, that if you complain about something, even though it may be untrue, you will get a refund. Drainage holes are a responsibility of the person printing as well as supports. It's kind of a shame you can't review the customer.

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