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Tell me how many have you earned from this site in a year


Posted about 2 months ago

For me and I think for many other sellers here the answer is: That's private.

animationpronyak wrote
Good You are not teaching a beginner wish there be always one to teach you not because you are saying it's private but for that all the one like me can have solved doubt
Posted about 2 months ago

Damn you are funny and I must say smart person. So, you are interested in how much people earn here so that you can see is it profitable for you to flood this place with stolen models. Of course you are too smart to waist your time on learning, modeling, texturing etc. And why would you, you are smart all others honest sellers here are retards because they create their models by themselves, it's not that being smart is the only attribute that you have, you also don't have respect to anything, nor people privacy or their hard work. Anyway, let me answer your question, thieves earn 0$ a year.

https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/man/goku-dragon-ball-fd34cc09-5095-4366-b09f-cee17a80fac4 - stolen from Dragon Ball online game.


animationpronyak wrote
(~∆0) Ok ban it I am smart yeee... You seems to be smart too Thanks for giving me the answer
Posted 10 days ago

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