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Hey guys,

Anyone experimenting with volumetric video? Which cameras do you use? Which software?

I'm really interested in this field so any information is much appreciated!


Posted 11 months ago

Oh I thought I was the only one in this field here :D Glad to see more people into VV!
I was browsing a lot about the equipment needed, here's the most accurate list of equipment that you need for a homemade volumetric video https://bit.ly/2zdgqke
At least I found it useful.
How long have you been interested in volumetric video?

salamandercareless wrote
I had a lot of stuff to figure out. Tried Kinect V2 but it's very bad. Now playing with Azure Kinect and it's awesome. Need a few more though cause I really wanna try to make full 360 with this software https://ef-eve.com/?utm_source=cgtrader.com&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=product&utm_content=volumetric_capture Hope it goes well!
Posted 11 months ago

I've seen this article not long ago about volumetric videos in theater. Seems cool I think it's nice to check out. https://volumetric-video.com/uk-based-theatre-is-taking-its-performances-online-with-volumetric-video/?utm_source=reddit.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=articles&utm_content=volumetric_video_theatre
Anyway, I didn't even know this was a thing until just recently :o

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