use of Solidworks a engineering software for assets ??

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hello guys,
I use SOLIDWORKS for 3d modeling of 3d printable models.

And i was wondering if i could use it to produce 3d assets for games?
or if there is any use of it in game development models or 3d applications?
Thank you in advance..


Posted 6 months ago

I've seen people using Solidworks to create models for VFX, but mostly it's used for hard surface concept models, which would be retopologized and used for baking to lower polygon models later on. Most of what comes out of Solidworks isn't going to be suitable for direct use in a game engine. Solidworks is a parametric solid modeler. Great for something like 3d printing but not optimal for low poly game assets.

rachidsw wrote
thank you for taking time and ansewring my question that is the same conclusion i got back from my internet search

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