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when eporting obj from 3ds max 2017 there are different versions to choose from belnerr to zbrush ....that availabel in teh upload on the 3d models ....

which versio of obj shall i upload for people to use .


Posted about 2 months ago

I typically use a custom export setting from 3dsmax to OBJ. The Zbrush preset is ok to use as a starting point for making your own custom OBJ export preset, but you will likely need to add more settings. You have to decide if the model will be used for 3d printing, or is it a CG asset for games or VFX? Do you have textures that the OBJ should use? There are options to select for all of these variables. OBJ is still very popular, but people are moving away from OBJ in favor of FBX as a much better and more reliable exchange format for most CG assets.

512pixel wrote
i selected all the obj from blender to xzbrush to lightwave the ption is a choice ive added most this . drop down menu is not available on cg traer .... its not recognsised
luxxeon wrote
I think I understand what you mean, but OBJ is a universal file exchange type regardless of the optimizations you used on export. It will still open one way or another in most software packages. The only thing is that the scale may need to be adjusted and materials may need to be added manually. So just choose the most universal preset, and if you need materials be sure you include the mtl file which should contain the relative path to your texture folder. There's no way to really guarantee everyone will see the file the same way. That's why FBX is being used more often now.

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