Update old products or create new?

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I have a bunch of old products that are fine in quality but i did a very poor job at marketing them (only a few thumbnails, short descriptions, not alot of tags, price way to low etc.)

So i was wondering what's the better option, update the old product or create a new one and remove the old one. I'm not quite sure how cgtrader ranks the models over time, some of the old models did get some sales so maybe i should update those instead of creating a new version?

Note that the quality of the product is the exact same, but the way i did the marketing was bad :)

What should i do?


Posted about 2 years ago

Well, can you actually remove them? I don't have this option for a while.
In your situation I prefered to delete and create a new one, updated. It had a better conversion rate later instead of the product that for a long time didn't get sold at all.

acera17 wrote
I guess you can't delete your models because you applied to the analytics program
Posted about 2 years ago

I would update the old projects and then make new post about them on as many socialmedia as possible. Earlier this year I started doing that (I am far from finished yet) and it gave effect.

QuintenPillen wrote
Thank you! I'm going to try that, i normally dont share my products enough so they barely get any views :)
Posted about 2 years ago

Hi, I have the same problem.
I have improved my skills in these years. My first models are terrible, so I will update them (replacing the files and writing the replacement date in the info).
My idea is that: follow inspirations to create new models but remember that having a quality store is better than having so many products.

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