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i have been a 3d artist for around 2 years , and i have obtained this experience that 3d market is very very difficult if you are not perfect in your work , because there is already very competition , i have been trying to get some works on fiverr and also tried upon freelancer but i wasn't able to get any single job , i am not a very good situation financially , i will do whatever is required in terms of 3d works , but i hardly get any work by someone


Posted 8 months ago

Realistically, in that kind of situation it will be less risky to find something else to do.
The 3D market is too random to be a reliable source of income (and I don't mean only CGT).

Posted 8 months ago

It's good to have multiple areas of revenue. Even the most well known professionals have several areas of interest.

Posted 8 months ago

True, but if you are short on money you have to be very careful where you invest your time.
In the current state of this market, the time you invest in making models for sale has very little return in money, so if you already have safe income and enjoy making 3D models - sure, go ahead, but if you are just starting and consider this as a job you gonna have a rough time.

Posted 8 months ago

I agree with Timitek. This is not a good business to look for "fast cash". This business really takes a long time to become established. Even if you have some great, well designed, and excellent quality models, if no one sees them then they won't sell. You need to really love this business, love 3d modeling, and take the time to create a lot of models for your portfolio. It helps if you have a large social media following related to your art.

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