tips to improve render

Discussion started by marcls-arbucies

anyone has any tips to improve the final aspect of this rendering

modeled in 3ds max and rendered in vray


Posted 5 months ago

I would use a HDR image as background. Maybe a night scene of a city skyline or a just a nice night sky.

Posted 5 months ago

Agree with Mineral3d. You definitely need a background to reflect in the water puddles and some of the reflection areas. Also perhaps try a little bit of volumetric lighting on those street lights, and maybe a little fog to bring some atmosphere to the scene? If you're using Eevee, volumetrics aren't quite as expensive as Cycles, so they could be useful in some cases.

luxxeon wrote
ooops. Sorry, I forgot this is Vray in 3dsmax. My mistake. I haven't really used Volumetrics in Vray, so I don't know how that impacts renders there. Sorry for that.
marcls-arbucies wrote
yeah, I applied a hdr as a background and the result improved. Also tried the fog, but as I never used it before I don't really know how to get the best results. i'll try to watch some tutorials. thanks!!!
Posted 5 months ago
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Posted 5 months ago

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