those renders were kinda iterative process ,,

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thinking wether to army trsaining ground or woods stream with some the cars .. kinda took some idea renders at moment ,,,gonna be trail error process ,,,rahter just iknow what gonna look like finished ,, using max substance marmoset for render ( its all unfinshed )

just quick idea render generate an idea army training ground or country


Posted 3 months ago

Make some diversity to the ground texture. The repeating pattern is too visible.

512pixel wrote
i agree . i tried developing some in the unreal engine .. there ws alot lagg even withlowest specs on the engine .. im gonna try add some mesh defromation in max and add some grass ,,,,,overlay it in areas ,,,,,,,make it bit more interesting ,,,, not to uch as there gonna be some tents thinking making near the cars .. ii do agree with ur comment 100 percnet

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