There is a sale... I see many sellers increasing prices by 50% or 100% ...

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.. or even more...

This being allowed is not good. I get that the site gets more money if prices get higher but having sellers cheating on customers is nothing good at all.

A sale should be a sale and sellers should not be allowed to increase prices during a sale. They could be allowed to further lower them if they want to please potential customers more but not the other way around.


Posted 3 months ago

so, what you are saying - its not a seller who should have control on his/hers prices. cg trader should decide how much models cost?

wing688 wrote
What I said is pretty clear. A sale must be a sale. If a seller increases prices when there is a sale then that is cheating on customers. In some countries that is illegal too. Any online shop like cgtrader should lock sellers prices before commencing a sale allowing prices to be lowered but not increased or just completely locked until the sale ends.
Mantas-Talmantas wrote
ok - sorry, i was not attentive enough reading your initial post. locking prices during sale, that's way more reasonable compared to what i initially misread. i should just delete my non constructive comment - but unfortunately there is no such option on cg trader forums :(
Posted 3 months ago

The real problem here is that too many merchants are UNDERpricing their own products, to begin with. So then when CGTrader launches a sitewide sale, they panic because the models they're normally selling for $2 (grossly underpriced) are suddenly worth $1, which after CGT's cut leaves them with about 60 cents for each model. I don't understand how anyone thinks they can make money in this business if they're making only $2 per sale anyway. You'd have to have 25 sales every single day to have any sustainable income from that. No one is making 25 sales every day unless you have thousands of models in your portfolio.

Posted 3 months ago

And the real problem behind that real problem is the lack of control over all of the thieves in the past, which infested the market and made those $2-$3 prices a common thing...

Things are obviously starting to change now... and judging by some forum posts, it seems that for some thieves the change is a bit hard to swallow...

I don't know how long it will take for the market to heal though :/

PhantomDesign wrote
Yes, those latest changes regarding thieves shows big effect.
wing688 wrote
Are you trying to call me a thief there or what? Really?
trimitek wrote
I'm not sure how you got that impression. As far I can see you don't have uploaded models so it makes no sense.
Posted 3 months ago

Good thing is, that when sale is over, you should see many prices drop by half. That's when smart people are shopping :]

wing688 wrote
Then a sale would not be real and it would just be cheating on customers.
LemonadeCG wrote
But if you're monitoring prices anyway, then what's the problem? Just don't buy models from those who are cheating.
Posted 3 months ago

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Posted 3 months ago

The price of a product on the market is the sum of the cost and profit. The cost of the 3D model is not zero. When the Seller creates a price for his model, he calculates the time for its creation, etc. It is not entirely correct to discard the abstract 30 or 50% of the cost. Perhaps it is more correct to form the price as a sum of a constant denoting cost and profit. And discount the percentage of the profit?

Mantas-Talmantas wrote
Thats an interesting idea. Though i wonder how would you calculate a cost? So say you ask me to model an average model from my portfolio. I would take.. say 3days. Normally i woyld charge like 300 eu. Lets say. But here i sell such model for 10-20 $ (i cannot charge more sins similar quality models go with similar price) . I might sell 1 copy of this model. I might sell 5... And most of my models havnt been bought at all... So how would I calculate "a cost" and a profit on top of that?
Exact-3D wrote
Of course, it is difficult to calculate this. Usually we set the price and wait until somebody buy the goods. It is market. If price is too low - You will earn a little money. If price is high - you will not sell any of your model. But, for example, You set 100$ for a model. CGT made discount of 50% and your royalty is 75% - You will earn about 37$ (+-). My proposition was that your 100$ model consists of 50+50 (or 60+40, etc). During the sale CGT give 50% discount from last 50$ - so model will be sold for 75 and your royalty will be 56$.

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