The texture is darkened when applied to the unity engine

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My client after buying the model complains that the metal texture is very dark and looks like granite after being put into Unity. And he kept asking me for a refund. meanwhile i gave the image i rendered with marmoset toolbag 3 but he disagreed. What should I do in this case?


Posted about 2 months ago

If you are selling game models you should test them in game engine. They will never look like in marmoset.

Could be few things but my guess is buyer is using different color space than you used when making your textures and rendering in marmoset.

azunyan wrote
Marmoset looks pretty same compared to game engines. Don't see any trouble testing models in marmoset without using game engines. In common case.
IndieArt wrote
Well I have different opinion.
Posted about 2 months ago

I explained to the buyer that the image I rendered in Marmoset was using hdr light. and I also sent the image I rendered in the same hdr light Unity as Marmoset for completely the same result. even I posted to cgtrader support they confirmed it was exactly the same as the description. but the customer insists it doesn't look the same and gave me a bad and dishonest review. I suspect the client is just a dreamer who doesn't know how to use the model

azunyan wrote
Yep, I was in almost same situation when customer complained about wrong collisions in unreal engine. I provided only .fbx with textures but he thinks that fbx stores collisions. And in the end I get negative review.

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