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Hi everyone, I am interested on, how do you make unwrap textures in 3DS Max? Do you use "Unwrap UVW" or any another plugin for this? I use only 3DS Max Modifier (Unwrap UVW) . And you? What do you prefer?


Posted over 4 years ago

I use unwrap UVW. Always. Since packing alghorithm became better in max 2017.
Been using x-ray unwrap earlier.

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I use Unwrap UVW , but if UVW Mapping can do the job I use that.

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Well you can use Unwrap modifier but if u want a better option which gives u more freedom then I recommend you to use UVLAYOUT, its one of the best software for unwrapping.....

baxramefendiyev wrote
Is it easy to use? I want to try another ways to make unwrap.
LemonadeCG wrote
@baxramefendiyev, it is pretty easy to use, but you have to remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts. UI is very outdated and almost all operations have to be performed by shortcuts. That could be quite hard task if you use this program only occasionally. For this reason i mainly do cutting to UV shells in 3ds Max and for uvlayout i leave only flattening and packing.
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@limonadinis thank you for description buddy.
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I always found the UV unwrapping stuff weird in Max so i used to Roadkill 1.1 to unwrap my objects. Its a simple piece of software in which you simple select the edge, click C and it cuts and lays your UVs out smoothly.

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Preferably UV unwrapping would be a push one button process.
Every minute/hour spent on unwrapping is time lost on making art.

For that reason I am always on the lookout for tools and workflows that come close to that main axiom. So something that needs least amount pushing of buttons, taking least time to perform the important functions and outputting best possible outcomes (the machine should do most of the work so look for best algorithms).

For me the thing coming closest to that is Unwrella in combination with 3ds max and 3D coat.

So I use unwrealla to perform auto seams function for very complex objects and then do the unwrapping and UV packing in 3D coat because that thing is very good at it.

Finally some last tweaks (small errors) I do in 3ds max unwrap modifier, before moving to baking functions in 3ds max.

For simple objects I believe Zbrush UV master is fastest tool available.

But for very complex object like the one I have (alien plant succulent having lots of roots etc.)
I was just not able to do the job without Unwrella, it would have probably taken weeks in other tools.
With Unwrella in combination with 3ds max and 3D coat I was able to do it in two days.

Performing edits on so many UV islands was a breeze in 3d coat having fast and direct feedback on errors and real-time update on edits.

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Hello ! Please help me ! Im 3d artist and working in blender 3d. I have create model in blender, export in fbx format import 3ds max 2017 all textures non viewed. Please show for me tutorial, thanks

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I Think you must creat a new topic (new discussion) for this in forum. Nobody will answer to your question in there. Beacuse nobody see your question.

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