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I recently sent my test task for review and after waiting for two weeks I asked the CGTrader Team if everything was alright, because it was still in queue for its review. That same day I got an e-mail from CGTrader Team saying that my test assignment had been marked as failed, the mail had a link to see the comments and reasoning.

When I enter the link I see my assignment page, Round 1, marked as failed. But I don't see feedback, comments, or reasoning, nothing at all. It just says "The task has been marked as failed" and no-one answers me, I've tried using the chat, writing mails...

This is my first attempt on CGTrader and I spent some time doing that task, I'd like to have some feedback at least. Is this common here? Can someone with more experience tell me if there's something I could do about it?

Thanks a lot.


Posted 8 months ago

I don't have much experience but I would say to contact CGtrader through email.

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