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Hi there,

I am doing the survey of 3D printing
industry. No matter whether you know 3D printing or not, your responses to the survey ( ) will
help me to understand the future development of the 3D printing industry. Please
kindly take 5 min to fill in the survey.

Thank you very much for your help! : )

Best regards,



Posted almost 6 years ago

Asian markets are an awesome opportunity for all modeling 3D printing and papercraft artists. There places even not mentioned in the survey like Thailand, Malaysia where there could be sold. Asia is the new land of opportunity when it comes to 3D... The USA and European markets are dead because there is just too much competition and not enough well funded companies there anymore. 10 Years back things were great but now it is a good time to move where the real opportunities are... Emerging Markets! India may also become a future gold mine too but Asia is where it's at now!

Posted over 5 years ago

Asia would be a great market in the future. The growing rate of the number of people who own a 3D printer in China is much faster than the other countries!!

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