Suggestion: Embeddable widgets so we can insert our products into our own webpage

Discussion started by MichaelTaylor3D

It would be really great to have a widget that can be embedded into our personal webpages.

Types of widgets could be a feed of our products, our most popular products. A widget for a user profile badge would be cool to.

Just some ideas to help increase exposure, any thoughts?


Posted about 7 years ago

Very interesting idea, Michael! We could definitely do that in the near future! As I understand the widget could show thumbs of a few most popular or selected models from your portfolio. What do you mean 'user profile badge'?

Any other ideas? Categories you are providing along with model count?

Posted about 7 years ago

Well here are some thoughts that Ive had for a while so Ill just run through them

- The most useful widget would be a feed that shows your most recent assets, this would be dynamic so that when a new module is added, it would update itself. The html code that's embedded could have a parameter so you can choose any number of modules you would like to would like to display. (For example, I could choose 5 or 50 models to display)

I get a ton of web traffic on my website an I dont have a good way to show off buyable products on my page without creating my own store (Which I dont have a desire to maintain). This type of widget would create a pseudo store that links back to cgtrader. This would be a good way to utilize my traffic in a more productive way and promote CGTrader at the same time.

- Also along the same lines an RSS feed of an artists published products would be beneficial as well. I can think of a lot of benefits to this as well.

- Next, If we could get better integration with social media, the ability for other people to share their models directly to twitter, google+, facebook and pinterest would be essential for viral marketing. Also a way to post automatically to those outlets when a new product is uploaded.

- Next to the share icons, might also be an icon that generates html code that would allow anyone to embed a single product into there blog.

- Finally, to complete the viral marketing package I mentioned above, an icon that generates a short url for that product. (Like but i recommend that cgtrader create their own for branding purposes)

- The artist badge should be embeddable for forums, and blogs and such. It could include a picture of the artist, their reputation, and the number of their models. Clicking on this would bring them back to their profile page on CGTrader. This can be used as a signature for the artist wherever he goes.

- With all the above features I mentioned, its mostly to help the artist promote themselves better. But there should be some incentive to promote each others products as well. I suggest a affiliate and revenue sharing program. If an artist opts in to the affiliate program, they would share some of their revenue with the person that promoted them through an affiliate link. It would be great if the artist can set how much revenue they would like to share to affiliates. Some artist might only want to share 5%. But others that want to attract more affiliate promoters to their page so maby they are willing to pay there affiliates 50%.

edmundask wrote
Some awesome stuff you have come up with, thanks! As for social media, there were sharing buttons before, but they have been removed for the time being because they were slowing down the website quite a lot. But social sharing options will return soon.
Marius wrote
Thanks Michael! We will definitely use your suggestions for developing the widget!

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