Stolen Rip Asset?

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hope this thread not gets close because i am link to turboosquid contend. But at TS you cannot post report stolen asset in forum anymore, you have to create a support ticket.

Anyway maybe someone knows where these assets comes from, from which game it was ripped. Of course i hope it is made by this guy so i can buy it for my project.

i like to buy several realistic character from this seller, but i am wondering however this assets are origin made by him the seller or just stolen or rip from other games. In the preview pics the texture seam very low. If he can provide higher texture resolution or layered PSD files, than there is no question that he made these asset.
Also the overall portofolio quality varies a bit, what makes me wondering.

Can someone identify the origin game of these assets?


Posted about 1 year ago

ok, can be closed.

The assets are from Sudden Attack 2. Do not buy these Stuff!

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