Statistics for fbx, obj, gltf and other file formats

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Are there any statistical data for which customers look the most?

I would upload my files in fbx, obj and the native file format of my 3d software, but is there a tendency on cgtrader to another file format like gltf, glb or another one.

Thank you in Advance.


Posted about 1 month ago

Since nobody has any interest to give you any feedback....................

I do.

I am, switching to end of June 2022.

I´m still new to CGT because I do 4 another FULLTIME jobs in the 3d biz, but slowly I get the curve. So, my opinion is definitely FBX, followed by OBJ.
I´m still not sure about that, but I guess most buyers use stuff like Blender, followed by LESS indiviudals with Max and Maya. So, Fbx & Obj is good to go!
I Hope I could help you a bit.

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