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hi guys

I had received a massage from someone says he is one of CGTrader members telling me he get annoyed that i putting comments in forms showing my opinion in some models is that something wrong to do ?


Posted about 1 year ago

Nice to reply to you again , as you had notice it was same replay in same time and date did not you think a while it might be error in connection and this what happened and make the same reply twice
Second :- yah it was “nice work “ it is my opinion I am a free man and polite to say nice work to any one if I like it ,and if I don’t like I ll not say any thing this what I do and what the wrong in that
Ps : as I am in person who writ this not a program or robot and not putting a link for other sites or my profile at least , and no one get harmed from this words means it is not a spam

Posted about 1 year ago

Cgtrader needs to stop giving rep points for posting in the forum, comments on the models, likes and similar social nonsense. Spammers like topic starter would vanish in an instant.

jaguarbeastproduction wrote
It would be nice to just add a "Spam/Report" button for all comments and gallery projects.
LemonadeCG wrote
Sure, the report option is also needed for gummies and other trash.
Posted about 1 year ago

Good idea to make a button for spam

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