Shouldn't there be the way to check your own products' community ratings?

Discussion started by crazyyuan

I'm not sure about the whole community rating idea (I mean it's great but it has some obvious flaws to it like no description or price included), but the greatest part of it would be if I can actually see what other people think about my models. We even have analytics now, where you can see how your model is rated considered numbers of images and so on (that's only presentation rating obviously). Why just don't add additional column there to show community rating to the designer if we already gathered that data?


Posted almost 3 years ago

That is something i've been asking for years now. It's a great shame that those ratings are kept in big secret and not available for designer to view. Analytics tool would be a perfect place for such info.

Definitely a big +1 from me!

Posted over 2 years ago

I just did the community rating thing for the first time and I found it to be very inaccurate anyway. If i took into consideration the points given in the "Learn" popup I was way off from average community ratings but if I only considered the model itself then I was on track with the average ratings. I saw models with only one picture given high ratings (thought presentation was part of it) I saw models I wouldn't post for free given average ratings, I saw models with high detail and great presentation given average ratings... perhaps I don't understand, others don't understand the point of the system or it's ambiguous and not of any accuracy or use at all really anyway.

Test it yourself; consider presentation, accuracy, quality, uniqueness, etc and rate. Then toss all that out and just rate the model and you'll see a big difference in the score you get.

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