Shame on you cgtrader

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I've been worked on cgtrader's wildcat program for some time, but decided to leave it more than a year ago. I have no intention to ever get back to it, but apparently cgtrader doesn't want to leave anyone who ever had misfortune to fall in their trap. To this day i constantly receive spam letters to get back and work with them. I unchecked every single notification checkbox in wildcat's settings, i contacted support multiple times asking to stop spamming and/or to remove my wildcat account, but their answer is that it's impossible, because for some stupid reason wildcat account is forever tied to cgtrader account and all they can offer is to remove me from their platform completely. Brilliant! I would never sign to work on wildcat if i'd knew it's one way ticket.

Cgtrader is EU company and i'm EU citizen, but that doesn't stop them to spam me without my consent. Shame on you cgtrader! You are losing my respect.


Posted about 1 month ago

might just be better off blocking the sender email

LemonadeCG wrote
That's exactly what i did, but wouldn't it be nice if cgtrader respect the fact that i gave no consent to spam me and explicitly asked them to stop bothering me? Every self respecting company offers an option to unsubscribe or close account on request. Afterall such things are regulated by law.
Posted about 1 month ago

(i do not agree) Cg trader is not shamed

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