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I want to know your opinion I want to make my free model has paid off.

is that it is a good decision. by what I need money right now deficult 

please your opinion 

and my profile


Posted about 10 years ago

Hello, as far as i m concerned, i think you should make one of your model free to show your quality of modeling and to catch custmers, and sell your models with a nice price ( more than 30$, and more for complicate models)
Less then 30$ means bad model.
And don t forget that everyone has is strategy.
Be creative ;)

Posted about 10 years ago

thank you zoubeir

Can you give me an example with my model

Posted about 10 years ago

i will send you a private message about some ideas

Posted about 10 years ago

I agree with zoubeir aouchar. Make a model or two free to have as your "business card" and let potential buyers know your quality of work. After that, you can start uploading paid models, but you need to make sure that you upload enough images to show the quality. Also, you should devote the same attention to the free models as you would to the paid ones to ensure the consistency of your work.

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