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Hi folks

I've been in cgtrader for 5 months, but I have sold only one model, is it normal, I'm not saying that my models are perfect but still in 5 months one sale! my questions is that the 3d models market is not saturated? or do you need to target only the print models these days to hope sell somthing? shared your experiences.

Thanks a lot


Posted 7 months ago

In my opinion, one random sale per 6 months is probably normal for YOUR collection. My reasoning - small number of models, mostly furniture, quality seems below average. I think you need to greatly improve in most fronts, otherwise you'll be struggling. And yes, the market is oversaturated with good quality cheap models. It's harder and harder to get decent income from selling models, unless you devote great amount of time and effort to grow your collection. And it will be only harder in the future.

LemonadeCG wrote
On closer inspection, i see that quality of your mechanical models is really good, it's just furniture models that are lacking, therefore i suggest you to focus more on former and less on latter.
redmoon wrote
Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it, I'll do some good stuff in the future! however I didn't know how to classify my models to put the mechanical models first ?
Posted 7 months ago

give it some time.
when i started i sold nothing for 5 months,
then i sold 2 things in 6 months.

now, i have sold at least 1 item every month for the past 4 months.

as long as you continue making models, sales should go up.

Posted 7 months ago

Dont worry about that, I think thats normal in start. Your models look great but as LemonadeCG said, it's hard to sell for example chair when there is like million chairs and lot of them free.
If you are modeling just for selling then you should first see how are things on market. For example, if you search AK47 rifle you will find 400+ models here on CGtrader, but if you search Remington Model 1858 pistol you will find only one model.. so it would be wise to model something like that..

Posted 7 months ago

The last 5 month Everyone had bad times. Maybe and therefore you have only one sale!

Posted 6 months ago

Thank you so much guys for your advices, it helped me a lot

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