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I wanted to ask you what are you best selling months this year? I wonder whether there is some pattern that some months for some reasons are better and some are worse.

In my case the best selling months were May and June (in 2019 those two months were actually the worst ones)

The worst selling months in 2020 are April and August so far

How does it work for you this year?


Posted 3 months ago

Hello, I have a pattern on CGTrader - 0 sales for all time... I wish you all success and creative inspiration

Posted 3 months ago

Last two months are terrible)

Posted 3 months ago

i think sharing smth like this would be more helpful to see randomness or some sort of order during months:

PrintedReality wrote
Wow that is indeed random. Well, I don't see any reason in my monthly sales as well
Posted 3 months ago

Actually, probably only comparing sales of big sellers would make sens (iam a very small seller) .. or many many small ones. And possibly type of industry could have an impact.. (print vs games vs vfx) or ... Everything is random regardless :)

Posted 3 months ago

I am getting single sale in every 2-3 months... I am starting to update my assets counts, But it is taking time... nothing is in hand just need half or a year to strating my ssale increasing, Please feel free to share any experience or suggestions

Mantas-Talmantas wrote
ye, you do need more models, imo to get sales
HQ3DStudio wrote
Maybe, it'd be better to increase your prices to a more adequate amount as for start?

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