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This is my second project i have published on cgtrader, a simple workstation
Any kind of review will be appreciated :)

Simple Workstation (Review Needed)

Wooden Chair (previous)


Posted about 1 year ago

Second time i've wrote this out, after accidently refreshing the page >_<

I've downloaded your model and had a good look at things.

There are some things that need fixing, but overall I think you really show a lot of promise.

Lets move onto some things to keep an eye out for in future models.

Firstly, topology distribution.
There is a very large gap between the amount of topology in the mouse and the keyboard, the Liquid Cooler and the pipes. The chair and the table etc.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you can keep the topology fairly evenly distributed then it makes the scene easier to work with, modify, and render.
For example, If you can get away a circle having 24 edges instead of 32, then go for the lower amount. It can always be subdivided if needed for close ups.
The pipes coming off the cooler are not in direct view, they can be much lower poly and it'll still look the same in the render.

Secondly, topology.
Some areas are great, the books for example are brilliant, clean even sized quads, smooth edge flow and well placed edge loops.
Some are not so, the mouse looks really good until you go into edit mode. Triangles are not a bad thing, but if at all possible you should aim for quads.
Quads are just easier to work with, easy to modify, easy to work out seam placement etc.
I would guess it was created either with sculpting or boolean operations, a quick retopo would have it still looking great, but also rendering faster, and easier to
There also a few Ngons around that won't open correctly in certain programs and instead will just be holes.
Ngons are easily missed while modelling, so it's worth checking for them before finishing a model. There's a great addon I use called Mesh Check on Gumroad (I don't know if I am allowed to post links, but it's easy to find) it's free with optional donation.

Thirdly, Texture Packing.
This is only applicable to the .Blend format, FBX, OBJ etc don't need it.
It's also only applicable if you are distributing you file, this can be to show it to others, or for selling.
When I open the .Blend, everything is pink (This is blenders way of telling you that textures are missing).
Don't worry, It's an easy mistake to make if you don't know about it, and an easy one to fix. When I was getting the hang of Turbosquid Checkmate I had many
models rejected due to not having textures packed.
In Blender, click "File", click "external data", click "Pack all into .blend", then just save it. That's it, job done. If you get in the habbit of doing it now, then it will
second nature to you very quickly. I wouldn't use the auto packing feature if like myself you tend to switch between different textures and HDRIs a lot as they will
all get packed into the file, even the ones not being used. Just do it at the end of the project instead.

I don't want this to sound like I'm just picking, usually I wouldn't bother but you clearly put a lot of time and effort into it, and you clearly have what it takes to be a great modeller, so i'm happy to give you advice that will help you reach that next level.
I love the attention to detail, modelling even the underside of the GPU where it would probably never be seen shows you have an eye for detail.
The cup and plate is a great example of using modifiers to make modelling easier, and the UV seems are placed pretty well and unobtrusive.
The Organisation of your outliner is great, it's all foldered well and and not cluttered. But do remember to name all your objects, there's a few "cube.002" floating around in there.

I hope this helps you, hopefully i'll see more of your models in the future :)

Take care, PBR3D.

Avialix wrote
I have read every single thing you wrote here, and thank you for all the advice and your kind words, i will definitely be looking forward to these advice, anyway, thanks and good luck to you as well :)

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