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Hi, everyone

I'm new to this site, I want to take your opinion about my frist model I created, I'd like to have your recommendation and suggestions which can help me to improve my models and start selling.

I would be thankful if you check the model, and giving me a push up.

Waiting for your opinion...

Link of the model :


Posted 5 months ago

Looks good. I might suggest you create more preview renders. Perhaps make a few renders under different lighting conditions, and show some close-up shots of the textures. Sometimes it helps to include at least one production render to help potential clients visualize the object in an environment where it might be useful. It's good to have at least one wireframe, but maybe include some from different angles too. It is also very helpful to sales if you have a "native" file format included with the model. If you created the chair in 3dsmax, Maya, C4D or Blender, those file formats sell very well and it will help sales if you include them in the downloads.

Omar-Mohamed wrote
I gpt it thanks my friend, I appreciate your advice so much, I will consider these points next time. Thanks again and have a good day
luxxeon wrote
I see you added more renders. Those look really good. Much, much better than before. Good luck and keep on creating.
Omar-Mohamed wrote
I tried to make what I had been told from you , Thanks so much for supporting and have a good day
Posted 5 months ago

The model looks excellent, and it is typical office chair.
That is a big plus.
Or even better: Make several more chairs, and put them all in one pack.

Omar-Mohamed wrote
This a fantastic idea, Thanks a lot

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