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Hello! Happy New Years! I was just wondering if you guys would be willing to give me some feedback on this model. Also would this go well with my top hat and bow tie?


Top Hat:



Posted over 3 years ago


I give you my opinion, but without offense or doubtful criticism, just an evidence that you must correct.

No decription
No wireframe, just few very simple render for very simple model

Just need 30 mn to do the same (10 mn for the hat with a lathe modifier with 3D Studio MAx )

it's just a begin you still have to make a lot of progress to make significant sales

Good luck and happy new year 2018

Posted over 3 years ago

Hi Brenden-Pilsner,
Saw your models. Please take my words frankly.

1. You should improve you presentation. Specially the background color. See what other guys are doing in their presentation.
2. Like Supercigale said, you should write detailed description and wireframe render.
3. Try to upload other file extensions.
4. Try to integrate 360 view.

That's all for now.
Best of luck for your sale, and Happy and prosperous new year... :)

Posted over 3 years ago

Ok thanks. I try some of that out!

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