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Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty. I have a simple question. Hope, your guidance will guide me in the right path.
Come to the point, we get reputation by uploading our models and The CG make a list of top designer's upload list regularly.
Would guys please tell how to get listed in that list in details. I means how many models should I upload to get in the listed rank and so on.
Thanks in advance.


Posted 4 months ago

In my opinion this list (as well tab with ranking designers by reputation) is a strange and useless rudiment that must be destroyed.

Posted 4 months ago

How do these lists motivate newbies? To get to the top (which in this case is absolutely useless) you need to to upload hundreds and thousands models and sell them with a price of 2-5$? It's just some kind of wrecking tabs. And in general, what are uploads? Is it a torrent tracker, file sharing service or  is it still a marketplace?

Regarding Squir, Hum3d, 3DCartoon and other real good sellers with high quality items I'm sure all will be fine with them without such lists.

3dxin wrote
Thanks for your nice and informative guidance, it will help me a lot.
mak21 wrote
it's true it seems to be at the discount where potatoes are sold for 2$ 4KG... at that point it's better to be a rider and deliver the pizzas
Posted 4 months ago

movitivation can be hard ,last 2 years i tried step out my comvort zone ,,, think foing that again with human zombie build
I have put together something from my work over the last 2 years. I may need to add a gun to the scene and create bullets and an ammo case.

Perhaps I should create a human soldier or zombie .next..... I am unsure of what people's ideas and thoughts are.

Posted 4 months ago

When I search for a model, I just type its type, for example gun, car, etc. The highest price point will show first ,,based on cg trader defuault tab i. If you want a lower price point, you need to change the slider, then the lowest price point can be adjusted

Posted 4 months ago

lower price model not gonna affect sales on high price model . the new system tab . the tab is defual t on highest price..when load up the page.. ( i think it does have tab and slider

Posted 4 months ago

these companies will come first Squir, Hum3d, 3DCartoon .. that should work well

Posted 4 months ago

i think i could be wrng ...i m not programmer)

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